Automated Manual Resuscitator Compressor

VENT 01 is an automated manual resuscitator compressor which can be used in conjunction with Ambu bag or all other self-inflating bags of 1 litre. It provides volume control ventilation by automating the compression and relaxation of resuscitator bags.

VENT 01 is designed to provide breathing assistance to patients and is a precursor to ventilators that are so critical to hospitals in these pandemic times. They can also be used for post critical care. The clinician uses a Digital Control module to set how frequently to compress the bag per minute (R.R), and the amount of air moved in and out of lungs (Tidal volume- Tv). This is not a replacement for the positive pressure ventilator used in an ICU.


  • Microcontroller based Embedded Controller Design
  • Digital Data Interface with LCD Display and Keypad
  • Easily Programmable and Accurate Breath Per Minute (BPM 10 to 20)
  • 10 Programmable Tidal Volume (TV), Standard I:E Ratio – 1:2
  • Accurate and Reliable Stepper Motor Driven Design
  • Works with Both AC230V and DC24V Power Source (optional)
  • Low Power Consumption (< 30W)
  • Compact & Robust design

Key Features

  • Inspiratory Expiratory Ratio (I: E): It works with standard 1:2 ratio of inspiratory time to expiratory
  • Embedded Controller: Embedded controller with an LCD display and a keypad for precise and safe control of the device.
  • Emergency Stop: Emergency stop switch is provided for safety and to stop the operation, with an alarm sound to get the attention of the medical staff.
  • Patient Handheld Control: Patient can start, or emergency stop the device with a handheld
  • Device Failure Alarm: If in any case the device stops while running, an alarm will sound to get the attention of the medical staff.
  • Positive End Expiratory Pressure (PEEP): An adjustable PEEP valve (appropriate color coded as per indication) is connected to mask assembly to adjust the desired pressure with the default set value of 5.
  • Pop off valve: The nob has to be released in-order to achieve the pressure range between 10 – 30 cm H2O

Control Settings

  • Place the Resuscitator Bag on the machine.
  • Connect the Oxygen tube.
  • Switch ON the power.
  • Set the Tidal (Vt) volume as per patients need.
  • Set the Breath Per Minute between 10-20.

Product Specification

Dimensions: 500mm (L) X 300mm (W) X 200mm (H)

Weight : 24 pounds

Dimensions: 500mm (L) X 300mm (W) X 200mm (H)

Weight : 24 pounds

Packaging: Corrugated Boxes

Material: Combination of Aluminum and Stainless Steel for the enclosures. Special care has been taken to use nonferrous material as stipulated by medical standards. 
Aluminum Grade: 6061 Stainless Steel Grade : 304

Power 230V/50Hz AC or 24V DC; 30 Watts

Order Fulfilment

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